Radar Tyres


In 2013, Radar Tyres decided to sponsor an off-road racing team in the US, designing tyres for off-road desert racing. In just a few seasons, Radar Tyres has become a quality demanded product in the desert and short course racing.

With our Radar Renegade M/T tyre, we have achieved multiple desert wins including a sweep of the SCORE International Baja 205, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 in 2014 and an inaugural Baja 500 win in its first year of competition. 

The company has grown its program to include sponsored participation in the SCORE International Series, Best in the Desert Series, TORC: The off Road Championship Series and LOORRS: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The Radar Renegade M/T features Baja racing-inspired technology for extreme durability off-road and an aesthetic that enthusiasts crave.

Celebrate Our Wins
In just under three years, Radar Tyre's continued success against some of the top premium tyre brands in the world, further reassures the quality and brand commitment to our customers, reinforcing our promise to provide robust products at a reasonable price point.
Mr G.S. Sareen
President & CEO, Omni United Pte Ltd