Tyres That Work For The Environment

Radar Tyres has always strived to deliver outstanding qualitative and innovative products to our consumers. Over the last decade we have grown and with that, so has the impact of our activities in a globalised world. It is our role to proactively engage and influence all functions along our value chain towards sustainable mobility. We are aware of the impact of our operations and our products on the environment and we aim to reduce their negative effect progressively in collaboration with our external partners.

The World’s First Carbon Neutral Tyre Brand

In 2012, we commissioned Ernst and Young to do an in-depth study on the impact of the production footprint of Radar, our flagship brand on the environment. Ernst and Young examined and quantified the amount of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide) produced from procuring raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, as well as energy used in the company’s offices and employees’ travel. Based on the study recommendations, we undertook a number of changes to our business processes and actions geared to offset the carbon footprint, such as investing in projects that remove or reduce carbon dioxide from the environment. As a result, Radar Tyres became the first tyre brand to be 100% carbon neutral by late 2013 and we have maintained this certification to date.

An overview of Radar Tyres’ Carbon Offset Activities.
"We cannot transform the world alone, but we want to demonstrate that if a small company like ours can invest the time, effort and resources necessary to make a difference, then anyone can."
Mr G.S. Sareen
President & CEO, Omni United Pte Ltd