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Radar Tyres is a design-driven brand, offering safety, performance and sustainability for all. Our mission is to make premium vehicle ownership accessible to all, by offering fitments with a unique combination of technology and sustainability, designed and engineered without compromise.

Distributed in over 50 countries, Radar Tyres offers a wide selection of patterns, fitments and performance attributes. This unique range of choices allows any driver, in collaboration with our skilled global dealer network, to select the perfect fitment for their vehicle and their unique driving requirements.

As part of the Omni United group we have deep rooted values of giving back to society. Radar Tyres has been an active supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation since 2011. Sustainability is another key value and part of our heritage. Radar Tyres has been Manufactured Carbon Neutral since 2013, being ahead of the curve and playing an active role in combating climate change as well as inspiring others to do so.

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Limited Warranty

Radar Tyres offers a Limited Warranty on all its products.
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